PC Pro podcast 28

This week the big news centres around Microsoft. Members of the PC Pro team give their opinions on whether Windows 7 will be a new dawn, chat about the Live Mesh service and ponder on Office 14. Plus we look at some hot Nikon camera hardware.


PC Pro podcast 27

This week we reveal why Nvidia could be about to bring 3G gaming – and much more – to mid-range laptops for the first time. Are computers a necessity for today’s schoolchildren? The team air their views. Plus we discuss why the credit crunch won’t be as bad as the dotcom disaster, Acer’s march to the top of the PC hill, and Darien nominates the hot hardware of the week.

PC Pro Podcast 26

This week we discuss the merits (or otherwise) of Apple’s new MacBooks. Windows 7 has a shock new name – find out what the team think. Plus, we talk about Nvidia’s latest GPU problems, the launch of OpenOffice 3 and Dell’s Inspiron Mini 9 is nominated for Hot Hardware of the Week.

PC Pro Podcast 25

Has AMD made a huge mistake by splitting into two? Can the Lenovo ThinkPad X200 become PC Pro’s hot hardware of the week? Is Intel’s X58 chipset for Core i7 (aka Nehalem) processors anything to get worked up about? And what exactly is Matt wearing on his wrist? Find out in this week’s not entirely joke-free podcast.

PC Pro Podcast 24

How dumb can local government get? Find out in this week’s PC Pro podcast, along with analysis of more news stories of the day, some interesting new hardware and a series of bad jokes.