PC Pro Podcast 37 – Christmas Special (part 2)

In part two of the PC Pro Podcast Christmas Special it’s the turn of Microsoft, Apple, Google and the laptop industry to appear before our panel of judges, who will decide whether they’ve had a 2008 to remember. Plus, the four remaining staff members nominate their Hot Hardware of the Year.


PC Pro Podcast 36 – Christmas Special (part 1)

In the first part of our Christmas special the studio is filled with the entire PC Pro editorial team,  as we each step up to nominate our winners or losers of 2008. Plus, find out what each team member nominates as their hot hardware of 2008.

PC Pro Podcast 35

Podcast 35 is now here, in which the team talks Scrabulous, Internet Explorer issues, wonders why Steve Jobs isn’t turning up to MacWorld and assesses the impact of Google Chrome. Plus we have some rugged hot hardware and new HD video recorder.

PC Pro Podcast 34

On this week’s show, was the IWF right to censor Wikipedia? The team debates the thorny issue. Plus – file-sharing “bullies”, Stephen Fry’s Vista outburst, a new beta of Firefox 3.1 and Darien has the inside track on Nvidia’s latest graphical goodies. And finally, NEC’s mammoth monitor is nominated for Hot Hardware of the Week.

PC Pro Podcast 33

In this week’s podcast we’re discussing the secrets of 3G, Apple’s virus threat, the continuing AMD vs Intel spat and looking at some hot hardware from Samsung.