PC Pro Podcast 41

This week we discuss the pros and cons of the EU forcing Micrsoft to bundle other browsers with Windows; the potential upside of Gmail’s new developments; wonder if VoIP has a future; and check out a very shiny new laptop.


PC Pro Podcast 40

Podcast 40 is now here, with the team discussing the bizarre new music download service from Microsoft, the advent of a curious virus, and some cock-ups from both Seagate and Belkin. Dell’s latest netbook gets a grilling, and we introduce the £250 Challenge, inviting you the audience to participate.

PC Pro Podcast 39

This week’s podcast sees editor Tim Danton and senior news reporter Stuart Turton back in the studio after a hectic week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. They’re joined by David Bayon and Darien Graham-Smith to discuss the future of trade shows, plus news stories including the arrival of the Intel Classmate PC and the ASA’s strange ruling that a 250MB data transfer quota counts as “unlimited”.

PC Pro Podcast 38

For the first podcast of the new year we’re looking at the news (or lack of it) from Macworld; taking a quick peek at the Windows 7 beta; mulling over the implications of the rumoured Sony netbook; and taking a look at some hot hardware that boasts some of the technology that’s going to take over the world in 2009.