PC Pro Podcast 62

This week we panic about the internet killing all the humans, look at the wisdom of Intel and Nokia’s cosy tie-up, marvel at plug-sized PCs, how anyone in their right mind would give their Facebook details to their employer, and look at a super little USB-connected monitor.


PC Pro Podcast 61

This week the UK’s Digital Britain report hits the agenda; we look at the joy of Microsoft’s EU-prompted actions; Opera re-invents the web; Google and Microsoft do some sparring in the playground; and we look at the smallest fully fledged PC we’ve ever seen.

PC Pro Podcast 60

This week, Apple comes in for a bit of stick over its latest stuff; Darien pledges allegiance to the Pirates (or tries to); we ponder how to stop the IT guy reading our email; rumours of Windows 7 pricing appear; and we have some diminutive hot hardware of the week in the shape of an ExpressCard SSD.

PC Pro Podcast 59

Discussion of the week this week is who’s winning: Google or Microsoft? Plus we look at Phorm’s new service launch and argue the finer points of whether speed bumps for filesharers is a good idea. Hot hardware of the week is a very, very fast PC.