PC Pro Podcast 67

In an epic podcast this week we discuss Ofcom’s investigation of British broadband speeds; get in a knotty argument over the latest news of Windows 7’s default browser; ponder on the point of government tweets; look at the future of ARM; and check out the latest outrageous gaming laptop in Hot Hardware of the Week.


PC Pro Podcast 66

This week we overcome swine flu to bring you the news of Amazon redacting Kindle novels by remote control; the world’s most expensive USB flash drive and what on earth you’d use it for; the latest on Windows 7; that phone from Apple again; and a very expensive but very lovely monitor in Hot Hardware of the Week.

PC Pro Podcast 65

On this week’s podcast we deliver our first impressions of Office 2010, discuss the rush for Windows 7, applaud Stephen Fry’s blast at the music industry and consider appointing a 15-year-old as editor of PC Pro. And finally, Tim Danton nominates Sony’s debut netbook as Hot Hardware of the Week.

PC Pro Podcast 64

As our weekly podcast flips its sixth bit, we discuss the announcement of Google’s new operating system, ponder Sony’s long-anticipated entry into the cut-price netbook market and reflect on a very bad week for web-snooping service Phorm. Our hot hardware is Sony’s HDR-TG7VE, the first camcorder we’ve seen with a built-in GPS receiver.

PC Pro Podcast 63

This week we find out why Brits have been buffeted with the Windows 7 prices, if Wikipedia was right to falsify articles to save a life, and discover why the EC is now a force for good. Plus, the Apple iPhone 3GS vies for the title Hot Hardware of the Week.