PC Pro Podcast 80

A (possible) world’s first this week as the podcast is introduced by a non-human presence. After that, we discuss whether mobile broadband in on the verge of being brought to its knees; whether Microsoft opening up its Outlook file format is a good thing; the creepiness and/or sense of Facebook’s latest initiative; problems with Windows 7 upgrades crippling PCs; and finally we give our new podcast presenter – the Amazon Kindle – a very thorough probing.


PC Pro Podcast 79

Barry Collins takes the reins this week as the team discuss the confusing range of Windows 7 editions, ponder Apple’s new 27-inch iMac and deride Eugene Kaspersky’s idea of disconnecting rogue nations from the internet. Our hot hardware candidate is the Acer Aspire One D250, a new netbook that runs both Windows 7 and Google Android.

PC Pro Podcast 78

In this week’s instalment we break the news about Acer’s foray into Android netbooks; look at what Microsoft is doing with its new, free security software; sigh, tut and make despairing noises at the state of BT’s online backup service; look askance at the Twitter/government/Trafigura affair; and marvel – in both a good and bad way – at Sony’s latest high-end laptop.

PC Pro Podcast 77

The seventy-seventh PC Pro podcast brings you news of Amazon’s Kindle coming to the UK; a round-up of the flurry of smartphone action that’s happened in recent days; talk of the future of Nvidia and its GP-GPUs; an account of Microsoft’s head honcho getting a grilling; and the best hot hardware for months.