PC Pro Podcast 84

In this week’s exciting podcast, we predict an interesting feature for Google Chrome OS, decide that the UK’s pathetic mobile broadband speeds could destroy the whole idea of Cloud services anyway, discuss why Apple doesn’t want to mend smokers’ computers any more, and try and find something positive to say about the HP Envy 13.


PC Pro Podcast 83

In this week’s cast, the team discusses a turbulent week for T-Mobile, explain why OLPC founder Nicholas Negroponte has claimed the credit for the netbook craze, reveal what Apple’s planning to do with future operating systems if its latest patent application comes to fruition and try and work out who’s the winner after Intel paid AMD a staggering $1.25 billion to settle antitrust disputes. And finally, Jonathan Bray makes a fleeting appearance in the studio to nominate the Logitech Squeezebox Radio as the Hot Hardware of the Week.

PC Pro Podcast 82

In a packed podcast this week, we gawp at OpenOffice’s 18-button mouse, thumb our noses at Rupert Murdoch’s threats to quit Google and ponder a PC designed especially for the over-50s. Meanwhile, the iPhone falls victim to its first major malware attack, but gains the ability to receive Sky Sports. Our candidate for Hot Hardware of the Week is the Vodafone 360, running the Linux-based LiMo operating system.

PC Pro Podcast 81

Back to human presenters this week, with the latest news of the iPhone’s adventures; the astonishing rise of Windows 7 since its launch (as well as the continued dominance of, er, Windows 3.1 for browsing the web); the latest wobble for smartphones with touch screens; and Microsoft being less than charitable with its accounting software. Plus, hot hardware of the week is the latest and greatest data-transfer standard, USB 3.