PC Pro Podcast 96

On this week’s podcast we discuss the Government’s failure to comprehend its own broadband promise, a user-friendly – but flawed – attempt to bring Linux to computing novices, and Apple’s problems with adult iPhone apps. Plus, find out what’s nominated for Hot Hardware of the Week.


PC Pro Podcast 95

In this week’s podcast we give our verdict on the value or othwerise of Office 2010 now the prices have been released; explain why we’re quite excited about Windows Phone 7 Series; put the boot into Google Buzz; and pity the Government workers forced to use Vista. Plus, can the Dell Latitude Z become our hot hardware of the week?

PC Pro Podcast 94

This week we assess Opera’s chances of usurping the default browser on the iPhone; wonder if Google’s losing its way with Buzz; look at the newest developments from Nvidia and AMD; and gasp in shock at the pan-European database that nobody knew about. Plus, a very unusual digital camera in hot hardware of the week.

PC Pro Podcast 93

In this week’s podcast the team (well, Stuart Turton) defends Rupert Murdoch’s controversial eBook pricing plans; explains why ARM believes 90% of the PC market will be netbooks; gasps in disbelief at the claim that 75% of people re-use their everyday passwords for their banking password; decides whether the Labour or Conservative party will win the broadband debate; and tries to decide if Apple’s iPad is hot or not.