PC Pro Podcast 105

On this week’s PC Pro podcast Tim finally makes it back from Japan to host a discussion on McAfee’s decision to compensate customers whose PCs were damaged by its antivirus software. Also on this week’s show we discuss Spotify’s new software, Microsoft’s claim to Android patents, and whether companies can really block off employees’ personal email.


PC Pro Podcast 104

It’s the special Volcanic Ash edition of the PC Pro podcast! And this week we discuss Google’s new UK-specific satnav system; see what Microsoft is doing to embrace an open Web; wonder at the future of the worst-named OS in the world, MeeGo; marvel at Sony’s strange new marketing ploy; and take a look at the device that may finally beat the iPhone, in Hot Hardware of the Week.

PC Pro Podcast 103

Another historic podcast this week as we introduce a new section: hot software of the week! But before that, we discuss the latest Apple news; take another look at Palm’s possible future; wonder if the film industry has finally done something clever; and become depressed about the state of British Parliamentary debate.

PC Pro Podcast 102

This week we have an actual, real iPad in the studio! But before that we talk about the protracted gestation of the Digital Economy Bill; shed no tears at all over the possible death of Bebo; and talk about industry reaction to the iPad. And did we mention that we have a real, actual iPad in the studio?