PC Pro Podcast 109

Our old friend Google has caused no end of controversy in the past week, wasting people’s time with Pac-Man nonsense and then playing around with its web analytics tool. The team separates the hype from the hypocrisy, and still finds time to praise the new BBC iPlayer beta. Plus, we rail against authority: is the OFT right to take a swipe at behavioural advertising? Should we mourn Becta’s passing? And are the Liberals and Conservatives being two-faced by letting the Digital Bill survive? And finally, Jon Bray attempts to persuade a reluctant audience that the Cowon J3 MP3 player is worthy of being Hot Hardware of the Week.


PC Pro Podcast 108

It’s the special Flying Dog podcast this week. Less importantly, we also discuss Facebook’s issues of unprivacy creep; Amazon’s Kindle app for Android; the fact that not much is happening with Acer and Chrome netbooks; drag Hotmail out of Gmail’s shadow and dust it off; and assess Windows 7 multi-touch in the context of Samsung’s U250 all-in-one PC. And did we mention the flying dog?

PC Pro Podcast 107

In the first podcast of the new UK Government, we discuss the technological fallout from the new coalition; have a look at what AMD is up to with its latest launches; marvel at the cost of iPad 3G access; fail to lament the passing of colon-forward-slash-forward-slash; and argue for ages about Sony’s latest VAIO in Hot Hardware of the Week.

PC Pro Podcast 106

This week the team discusses a host of new goodies from Intel, ponders the growing role of technology in the general election, mourns Microsoft’s never-produced dual-screen Courier tablet and briefly muses on legal threats to Apple over Steve Jobs’ banning of Flash. Our Hot Hardware candidate isn’t hardware at all, but the free Google Maps Navigation service for Android mobile phones.