PC Pro Podcast 122

On this week’s show, Barry and Tim reveal what’s coming up in Windows Phone 7, we discuss Firefox 4’s new Panorama feature, and Darien gives us the lowdown on AMD’s new processor line-up. Plus! Sasha Muller makes a late break into the studio to nominate Dell’s Inspiron M101z as the Hot Hardware of the Week.


PC Pro Podcast 121

Heady stuff this week, as the team discusses Virgin’s new-old approach to warning its customers of infected PCs; the success or otherwise of The Times newspaper’s website; the faltering progress of broadband in a sewer; the difficulty of working out whether hybrid hard disks actually work; and a unanimous decision from the team about a quiet PC in Hot Hardware of the Week.

PC Pro Podcast 120

On this week’s PC Pro podcast we discuss the laptop repair man who wound up in jail, Vodafone’s unwanted “upgrade” to the HTC Desire, why data disasters are more likely to strike in summer and a competitor to Amazon’s Kindle emerges as Hot Hardware of the Week.

PC Pro Podcast 119

This week, Microsoft chief Steve Ballmer speaks about Apple’s iPad success; we learn the truth about 3D movies and that splitting headache; Carphone Warehouse confuses us with its new music-streaming idea; BT does something useful for a change; and the Hot Hardware of the Week is a design-heavy multitouch trackpad from a company almost nobody has heard of.