PC Pro Podcast 143

On this week’s podcast we discuss an awkward day in court for the file-sharing lawyers, Google’s smartphone printing service, whether IT graduates should work for free, and Eric Schmidt’s departure as Google CEO. Plus, an unusual scanner is nominated as Hot Hardware of the Week.


PC Pro Podcast 142

On this week’s show we discuss Apple’s stellar results and Steve Jobs’ departure, Microsoft muscling-in on the £98 PC scheme, Windows 8 on phones and Facebook’s latest brush with privacy problems. Plus, the Tranquil ixLS media centre is nominated as Hot Hardware.

PC Pro Podcast 141

On this week’s show T-Mobile feels the wrath of our podcast team for its data policies, Apple’s App Store gets hacked within a day of opening and we also wonder exactly why Google is dropping H.264 support from Chrome. It’s even worse for the boss of AMD, who loses his job, and “innocent” users of Twitter whose accounts are opened up to the US authorities. Finally, we try to work out if a tablet attached to a printer is genius or stupidity.

PC Pro Podcast 140

On our first podcast of 2011, the team discusses the deluge of tablets at CES, plus a new type of scanner from Lexmark. We also look at BT’s plans for fibre broadband and net neutrality, and ponder the future of social networking. Our candidate for Hot Hardware of the week is Intel’s new Sandy Bridge CPUs.