PC Pro Podcast 147

On this week’s show we discuss the potential impact of shift to 24-bit audio on iTunes, the arrival of Kinect on Windows, Google’s plans to murder the address bar, and BT’s fibre broadband lottery. Plus, Brother’s A3 all-in-one is nominated for Hot Hardware of the Week.


PC Pro Podcast 146

On this week’s show we discuss the fallout from PC Pro’s Ubuntu Day experiment, the killer smartphones and tablets from Mobile World Congress, a Wi-Fi breakthrough and Twitter’s impact on TV. Plus there’s an innovative touchscreen monitor nominated for Hot Hardware.

PC Pro Podcast 145

On this week’s show, the team discuss Nokia coming under attack from its own CEO, Intel’s recall U-turn, BT’s “interference free” router, and the Government’s anti-porn agenda. Plus, there’s a 3D marvel nominated as this week’s Hot Hardware.

PC Pro Podcast 144

On this week’s argument-strewn podcast the team get their teeth into Intel’s Sandy Bridge chipset recall, the Government’s dithering over the Digital Economy Act, the end of unlimited backups and the price of eBooks. Plus, AMD’s Atom rival steps up as this week’s Hot Hardware.