PC Pro Podcast 178

On the PC Pro podcast this week: the marriage of Spotify and Facebook, another new start for HP, the lack of killer Linux apps and Ballmer bashing. Plus, the Sony Tablet S is nominated as Hot Hardware.


PC Pro Podcast 177

On the PC Pro podcast this week we discuss a cold-calling tech support scam, Michael Dell’s strident words on the so-called “death of the PC” and last week’s revelations from Microsoft and Intel. Our hot software candidate is Photoshop Elements 10, the latest version of Adobe’s horse identification suite.

PC Pro Podcast 176

On the PC Pro podcast this week: The team analyse Microsoft’s huge Windows 8 reveal, play with a freshly installed Windows 8 laptop, and discuss Intel’s news from IDF. Plus, the Fusion Garage Grid10 is this week’s Hot Hardware.

PC Pro Podcast 175

On the PC Pro podcast this week: Sasha Muller relays the highlights of IFA 2011, including the first batch of Ultrabooks and Sony’s debut tablets. Plus! What’s next for Yahoo, are PCs too complicated, and a 7in tablet is nominated as this week’s Hot Hardware.