PC Pro Podcast 194

On the show this week: O2 gets in hot water for sharing its customers’ phone numbers, Apple looks to teach kids a thing or two (about making pots of money), Ubuntu drops the drop-down menu and Megaupload breathes its last. Finally, Tranquil PC’s slim, silent MMC-12 makes its bid for Hot Hardware.


PC Pro Podcast 193

On the show this week: PC Pro takes SOPA to task, Rupert Murdoch hits out at Google, and Microsoft’s Windows finally gets a new file system. Meanwhile, we imagine a world without booth babes, and the team takes its first look at Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

PC Pro Podcast 192

In this special hour-long podcast, we discuss our experiences of running PC Pro exclusively on tablet hardware for a day; look at product announcements from CES; and debate changes to the UK’s ICT curriculum. Our hot hardware candidate isn’t actually hardware at all, but the new Netflix UK service.

PC Pro Podcast 191

On the show this week: PC Pro looks into its crystal ball and predicts the top techs of 2012. Covering everything from Ultrabooks to Ivy Bridge and Windows 8 to quad-core tablets, as well as HiDPI displays and Amazon’s Kindle Fire, we find time to finish off with a little Raspberry Pi.