PC Pro Podcast 199

On this week’s podcast we discuss developments surrounding Mobile World Congress, including Nokia’s 41-megapixel cameraphone, Samsung’s projector-phone and Microsoft’s loosening of the Windows Phone 7 hardware requirements. We also discuss the ethics of content-sharing sites such as Pinterest, and our hot hardware candidate is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7.


PC Pro Podcast 198

This week we kick over Canonical’s plans to run Ubuntu on smartphones; Google’s rapped knuckles over cookie privacy violations; the integration of Microsoft’s SkyDrive service into Windows 8; and an extended lifespan for Vista and Windows 7. Our hot hardware candidate is Samsung’s hulking Series 7 Gamer laptop.

PC Pro Podcast 197

On this week’s podcast: we discuss SOCA’s take-down of an alleged piracy site, Apple’s investigation into factory working conditions, Ofcom’s anti-“broadband slamming” proposals and more details of Windows 8 on ARM. Our hot hardware candidate is a cardboard box. No, really.

PC Pro Podcast 196

In this week’s podcast the team discusses BT’s plans to offer fibre broadband on demand; Google’s beta arelease of Chrome for Android; a fake Twitter account targeting Tesco bank customers; and Sony’s disastrous $2.9bn losses. Our hot hardware candidate is the Nokia Lumia 710 smartphone.

PC Pro Podcast 195

On the show this week: Sky opens up Anytime+ and declares a fibre broadband price war, Symantec’s pcAnywhere falls victim to a hack attack and Apple goes to Dixons for retail advice. Meanwhile, Megaupload nears the giant Recycle Bin in the sky, and Microsoft’s Outlook makes a bid for Hot Web App of the Week.