PC Pro Podcast 212

On this week’s podcast
we discuss Google’s new Chromebox; weigh up warnings that office workers will “revolt” if not upgraded to Windows 7; discuss the still-ongoing trial over the Twitter “bomb threat”; and vent our frustration at the ICO’s abrupt volte-face over incoming cookie regulations. Our hot hardware candidate is the Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone.


PC Pro Podcast 211

On this week’s podcast,
Aero Glass goes out the window, Windows 8 proves too fast for the F8 key, UK broadband funding favours BT, Facebook’s flotation starts to sink and Mozilla urges everyone to code. Finally, Tiffen’s Smoothee brings steadicam shooting to the iPhone.

PC Pro Podcast 210

On this week’s podcast
we discuss AMD’s new “Trinity” processors, cheap Windows 8 upgrades, browser-blocking in WinRT and some over-eager censorship on the mobile web. Our hot hardware candidate is the new Alienware M17x – the first laptop we’ve seen with an Intel Ivy Bridge processor.

PC Pro Podcast 209

On this week’s podcast, the UK Government considers porn-blocking proposals, The Pirate Bay urges supporters not to attack ISPs, Dell ushers Ubuntu onto an Ultrabook and Windows Media Center becomes a paid-for add-on in Windows 8. Finally, Booq’s Python Pack swallows our laptop, tablet, phone and camera in its bid for Hot Hardware of the Week.

PC Pro Podcast 208

On this week’s podcast, the High Court orders ISPs to scupper The Pirate Bay, Everything Everywhere calls for a faster 4G rollout, MP Claire Perry calls for TV-style regulation on the internet, and Ubuntu 12.04 readies itself for business use. Finally, Amazon’s Kindle Touch is up for Hot Hardware of the Week.