PC Pro Podcast 224

On this week’s podcast we analyse the Culture Secretary’s claim that the UK has Europe’s “best” broadband; discuss Everything Everywhere’s head start on 4G; ask whether Windows 8 will boost or harm PC sales; and count the girls taking A-Level Computer Studies (it doesn’t take long). Our hot hardware candidates are the Microsoft Wedge Mouse and Keyboard, designed for Windows 8 tablets.


PC Pro Podcast 223

On this week’s podcast we discuss Google’s taxes, round up which manufacturers will and won’t be producing Windows RT tablets, consider the four-year sentence handed down to an accused file-sharing conspirator and raise an eyebrow at the ICO’s slowness in enforcing cookie regulations. Our hot hardware candidate is the high-res Acer Iconia Tab A700 tablet.

PC Pro Podcast 222

On this week’s podcast: Microsoft drops Metro branding in Windows 8, Kindle ebooks outsell paperbacks, Facebook’s share price takes another tumble and Google pulls the plug on its failed projects. Finally, Overclockers’ pint-sized gaming PC, the Titan Prodigy Arctic, whirrs into action in Hot Hardware.

PC Pro Podcast 221

On this week’s podcast we discuss how Hotmail has become outlook.com; more security embarrassments for Dropbox; rows over Twitter abuse; and criticism in the House of Lords over government broadband plans. Our hot hardware candidate is a ginormous 27in Samsung monitor.

PC Pro Podcast 220

On this week’s podcast: why some ISPs refused to sign a net neutrality pledge, Apple sales disappoint, Windows 8 accelerates everything and the ISPs that hand over your data without question. Plus, Nokia’s 41-megapixel cameraphone is this week’s Hot Hardware.

PC Pro Podcast 219

On this week’s podcast we give our first impressions of Microsoft’s just-unveiled Office 2013 preview, discuss Yahoo!’s new CEO, marvel at the efficacy of the Pirate Bay ban and wonder just what Apple’s playing at as it rejoins the EPEAT green certification programme. Our hot hardware candidate is the long-awaited Nexus 7 tablet.

PC Pro Podcast 218

On this week’s podcast we look at how ISPs are failing to block online porn; discuss Windows 8’s new Time Machine-type backup feature; look forward to the arrival of the new OS in a matter of months; and ponder Apple’s abandonment of “green” certification. Our hot hardware candidate is the small but powerful Asus Zenbook Prime.