PC Pro Podcast 32

Podcast 32 sees lively debate around the hot topic of VAT on computers; the even hotter topic of desktop backgrounds; and the hottest topic of all, the shocking state of UK broadband speeds. Plus we look at some ot hardware from Toshiba.


PC Pro Podcast 31

This week those crazy American cousins of ours are in the spotlight for their ligitious nature. The Scots are too, for being rather generous with their IT spending. Plus we look at the hilarious world of Microsoft’s internal wrangles and assess some unusual new hardware from Asus.

PC Pro Podcast 30

Is Virgin right to rubbish broadband speedtests? Find out on this week’s show. Plus: full-length films on YouTube, Windows 7 ready for next Christmas and Dell ditches its MP3 player plans – the team digest them all. And find out why Intel’s dual-core Atom is the Hot Hardware of the Week.

PC Pro Podcast 29

Intel’s Core i7 has blitzed our benchmarks – should AMD be worried? The team give their verdict on this week’s show. Plus: the mobile broadband war hots up, Microsoft’s Surface adds another layer of touch, and the team lament the passing of Windows 3.1. Finally, the first Google phone is nominated as Hot Hardware of the Week.