PC Pro Podcast 156

On the show this week: it’s a week stuffed full of scandal as Sony admits theft of customer data, Apple’s caught tracking users’ locations, Amazon’s cloud collapses, and Nokia palms off Symbian. And in a break from the gloom, Jonathan Bray nominates the superbly named Moshi Moshi as this week’s Hot Hardware.


PC Pro Podcast 155

On the podcast this week¬†we discuss a bad day in court for Britain’s biggest ISPs, whether Samsung copied Apple, the clampdown on online poker sites and Spotify’s decision to halve the amount of free music on offer. Plus, the Asus Eee Pad Transformer sparks a heated debate over 3G in tablets.

PC Pro Podcast 154

On this week’s podcast we discuss Amazon’s idea of putting ads on the Kindle ebook reader, a first glimpse at Internet Explorer 10, the demise of the Flip series of handheld camcorders and Lenovo’s idea for a gargantuan 23-inch “tablet”. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the latest challenger to the iPad, Motorola’s Xoom.

PC Pro Podcast 153

On the show this week: a first look at Windows 8, the latest chip developments from AMD and Intel, the changing face of Acer, and Ubuntu on tablets. Plus: an eco-friendly satnav hits Hot Hardware.