PC Pro Podcast 152

On the PC Pro podcast this week: Amazon upsets the music labels, Spotify arrives on home entertainment hardware, why Android phones could replace your debit card and fixing the Digital Economy Act. Plus Acer’s Iconia is up for Hot Hardware.


PC Pro Podcast 151

On this week’s PC Pro podcast we talk about the new features in Firefox 4, what the Government must learn from the ACS Law case, the delay to the 4G rollout, and Steve Jobs’ day in court. Plus! The iPad 2 is nominated as Hot Hardware of the Week.

PC Pro Podcast 150

On this week’s show we talk about the launch of Internet Explorer 9, the latest threat to net neutrality, Microsoft’s decision to scrap the Zune players, and Vodafone’s 3G ‘landline’. Plus we go soft, as Jonathan Bray replaces Hot Hardware with Hot Software: namely Corel’s latest video-editing suite.

PC Pro Podcast 149

On this week’s show we discuss the burden of delivering free tech support to friends and family, films on Facebook, searching schoolchildren’s smartphones and the latest broadband shenanigans. Plus, AMD’s monster graphics card is up for Hot Hardware of the Week.

PC Pro Podcast 148

On this week’s show we talk about Ofcom’s latest broadband speed test results, Gmail fail, the laptop you control with your eyes and Firefox’s decision to ditch major releases. And talking of major releases, Apple’s Sandy Bridge-laden MacBook Pro is up for Hot Hardware of the Week.