PC Pro Podcast 49

Google has come in for a kicking this week over StreetView; we look at the reality behind the protests. BT is being uneven with its fibre rollout; Samsung is attempting to take over the netbook market; and the Government is watching you. Plus we take a look at a new gadget aimed to make your TV watching that bit easier.


PC Pro Podcast 48

This week’s podcast features a debate over whether the BBC is justified in breaking the law; the emergence of a new beta verstion of Google Chrome and IE8’s new features; battery life claims; and hot hardware is Samsung’s new netbook – or is it?

PC Pro Podcast 47

This week, Barry Collins hot-foots it back from the Commons to tell us about the latest spat over Phorm; we discuss whether it’s really possible to separate Internet Explorer from Windows; The idea of a broadband ISP league table; and check out a tiny computer with more than its fair share of power.

PC Pro Podcast 46

On this week’s show we debate whether Ofcom giving BT carte blanche over next-gen broadband prices is really a good idea. And while we’re talking about bright ideas, is Skittles brave or stupid to turn its website into a Twitter feed? Plus, find out if Darien’s souped-up barebones PC wins Hot Hardware of the Week.