PC Pro Podcast 165

On this week’s podcast: we discuss Google’s latest stab at social networking, Mozilla’s decision to snub businesses with Firefox, and Apple’s tactics with Final Cut Pro X. Plus, Darien Graham-Smith nominates the Samsung Chromebook as this week’s Hot Hardware.


PC Pro Podcast 164

On this week’s podcast: can AMD’s Llano put up a fight against Intel’s Sandy Bridge? Plus, Dropbox password blunder, secret deals on web blocking, a deluge of domain names and an Acer all-in-one fights for Hot Hardware.

PC Pro Podcast 163

On the show this week: hackers take over, the software that just stops working, Google Instant search pervades Chrome and more on Mac OS X Lion. Plus, Lenovo’s X1 is nominated as this week’s Hot Hardware.

PC Pro Podcast 162

On the show this week: Is Apple deserting Mac OS X? Is Microsoft right to focus on tablets in Windows 8? Can an underwater camera win Hot Hardware of the Week? Listen in for the answer to all these and much more.

PC Pro Podcast 161

On the show this week: Intel Ultrabooks, trouble at Mesh Computers, how your graphics card could crack your password in seconds, and the truth behind the Ofcom mobile broadband speedtests. Plus, the smartphone version of the Eye-Fi card is nominated as this week’s Hot Hardware.