PC Pro Podcast 169

On a special podcast this week, we discuss the widening gap between advertised broadband speeds and reality, Mozilla’s plans for a new web-based operating system and news of a hack that can turn laptop batteries to bricks. Then our special guests, Real-World contributors Jon Honeyball and Steve Cassidy, join the studio for an extended discussion of our hot hardware candidates, the new 11in and 13in Apple MacBook Air.


PC Pro Podcast 168

On the podcast this week: Apple reports staggering profits, while hiking App Store prices. We also discuss the latest LulzSec attacks against News International’s websites, Google’s plans to warn web surfers of suspected malware infections and Amazon’s plans to allow students to rent digital textbooks. Our hot hardware candidate is the LG Optimus 3D, the first glasses-free 3D smartphone.

PC Pro Podcast 167

On this week’s podcast: Microsoft resists putting Windows Phone 7 on tablets and promises low system requirements for Windows 8. There is talk of illegal HDMI cables, and of Google+. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the HP TouchPad, the first WebOS-based tablet.

PC Pro Podcast 166

On the podcast this week: is a £4 HDMI cable as good as a £100 one? The broadband map of Britain, OS X virtualisation and more Dropbox woes. Plus, Sony’s sexy ultraportable is up for Hot Hardware of the Week.