PC Pro Podcast 160

On the show this week: we reveal what’s in Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 ‘Mango’ update, ask why laptop manufacturers hate matte screens, debate Apple’s stance on malware and what’s coming in Windows 8. Plus, HTC’s 7in Android tablet is this week’s nomination for Hot Hardware.


PC Pro Podcast 159

On the show this week: Mac upgrade blocks, MP’s plans to make unemployed lay fibre broadband, the Wi-Fi mouse and Dropbox security fears. Plus, Jonathan Bray nominates the transforming phone-cum-laptop, the Motorola Atrix, as this week’s Hot Hardware.

PC Pro Podcast 158

On the podcast this week: has Microsoft paid too much for Skype? Has ACS Law’s lawyer got away with it? What’s coming in the next version of Android? And can the Samsung Galaxy S II win Hot Hardware of the Week? All will be revealed.

PC Pro Podcast 157

On the show this week: Ubuntu Unity splits the Linux crowd, Spotify takes on iTunes, Amazon prepares to launch a tablet, and Apple revamps its iMac line-up. Plus! Sasha Muller nominates a high-powered ultraportable as this week’s Hot Hardware.