PC Pro Podcast 207

On this week’s podcast, Intel finally pulls the covers off Ivy Bridge, Windows 8 comes one step closer, Google Drive plays chicken with Dropbox and Barry Collins parks his Gmail account to take the newly-improved Hotmail for a test drive. Finally, Hot Hardware of the Week sees the PC Pro team deliver their verdict on the £30 PC, the Raspberry Pi.


PC Pro Podcast 206

On this week’s podcast, Microsoft unveils the four flavours of Windows 8, Apple and Amazon clash over ebook pricing, Intel teases us with affordable Ultrabooks and Google’s Sergey Brin imagines a world where Facebook came first. Finally, Toshiba’s AT200 tablet makes its bid for glory in Hot Hardware of the Week.

PC Pro Podcast 205

On this week’s podcast, Apple falls prey to the Flashback trojan, Facebook cops Instagram for $1bn, the ASA targets the new iPad’s 4G claims and the Lords aim to strike a blow to internet porn. Finally, HTC’s One X Smartphone makes its play for Hot Hardware of the week.

PC Pro Podcast 204

On this week’s podcast, Apple’s warranty policy goes under the spotlight, the UK Government reveals plans to rifle through our email accounts, RIM takes aim at big business and ISPs hush up their claimed broadband speeds after the ASA clampdown. Finally, Archos’ 101 G9 Turbo tablet makes its bid for Hot Hardware of the Week.