PC Pro Podcast 76

In this week’s packed podcast, we assess the chances of Ubuntu making it on the desktop; the chances of their being any point to Google Chrome Frame; the chances of wireless charging ever taking off; the chances of Light Peak taking over the world; and the chances of any of us ever buying a Ferrari-branded laptop.


PC Pro Podcast 75

In the 75th PC Pro Podcast, we look at the new from the Intel Developer Forum; break a story about Demon Internet’s security lapse; expose the ‘free’ Windows upgrades that cost nearly £30; and wonder what Firefox is up to. Plus we look at the fastest single-GPU graphics card ever, and Sony’s newest pocket video camera.

PC Pro Podcast 74

This week, ARM swings its artillery in Intel’s direction; AMD goes Eyefinity; news that we can all now buy 802.11n routers; an in-depth debate over Spotify for the iPhone; and the hot hardware of the week comes once again from Apple.

PC Pro podcast 73

This week’s PC Pro podcast sees Barry Collins explain what the Orange and T-Mobile merger will mean to consumers, David Bayon eulogise over the wonders of Spotify on the iPhone, and Darien Graham-Smith attempt to persuade the team that the Mozilla Firefox 4 is worth getting excited about. Plus, lies, damn lies and the Government’s claims about illegal file sharers, and can Intel’s Core i5 processor win its place as Hot Hardware of the Week?

PC Pro podcast 72

On this week’s PC Pro podcast the team discuss Wikipedia’s attempt to colour code edits, Nokia’s decision to sideline Symbian on its latest smartphone, eBay’s Skype sell off and Sony’s decision to ship Google Chrome on its new PCs. Plus Jonathan Bray nominates MiFi as Hot Hardware of the Week.